Who we are

5VIE is a project by Ernesta Del Cogliano and Emanuele Tessarolo managed by the association 5VIE NMG and the company 5VIE Network.

The project, born in 2013 with the aim of relaunching the historical centre of Milan, has always been divided into three main themes.

5VIE Art + Design: development of the design district, since 2016 participation in Design Week, collaboration with galleries and institutions of the territory (Gallerie Aperte, 2018) and organization and co-production of installations and collateral events.

5VIE Experience
: development and enhancement of local craftsmanship and tradition, with the creation of a network aimed at highlighting an innovative district with a very high artistic and cultural value. Several collaborations also in the field of fashion and food&drink.

5VIE Social Innovation: development of communication and dissemination projects related to sustainability, dialoguing and collaborating with international stakeholders. Since 2018 it has organised the It's Circular Forum dedicated to the circular economy in its various forms.
In 2021, on the other hand, the first edition of the Forum TÈC - Tourism is Culture was held, vertically dedicated to tourism and visions for the future of the sector.