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17.04.2018 - 22.04.2018



5vie event

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Enlightened lampshades: The Totems

Designers Marc Trotereau and Merel Karhof proudly present ‘ShadeVolume: The Totems’ during the Salone del Mobile at the 5vie district. A light installation made with the ShadeVolume collection.

‘ShadeVolume’ is a lighting collection inspired by the classic lampshade. By combining and deforming this familiar object, the project explores a new language of lighting.

Trotereau and Karhof developed a simple system that gives the possibility to link lampshades together: with few generic shapes, it allows to make endless combinations of lamps. The principle gives the opportunity to develop single products and, as well, large scale bespoke installations.

To celebrate that principle, the designers will exhibit a bespoke installation in the décor of a Milanese interior. For 5vie, they will push the boundaries of the lampshade craft by showcasing elaborated large-scale totems alongside their collection.