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Angela Florio's exhibition continues, from September 28th to October 8th, exhibiting at Alberto Levi Gallery with "Art è design ManifatturalMente", an unpublished work that will enrich the collection of her contemporary tapestries.

The tapestry presented combines the materials of fellow craftsmen of the 5-way circuit, material that is processed and used with a noble recycle process to complete the shape of the design.cotton, wood, sandpaper, metals, colors, waxes, rubbers, stones, fabrics, compose a mosaic tapestry where these reused materials symbolize the craft profession from which they originate, creating a repeatable design that produces circular economy.

The artist designer Angela Florio of DecorAzione® has designed and created this tapestry inspired by the design of the gratings in Venice, her hometown, creating a module that repeats itself in the form.

A tapestry that without the presence of the collected material, would not have the same soul in the result. An Art Design Craft that testifies to the presence of a profession that is always evolving, of honor and that starts from the heart, which for this reason is a guest at Alberto Levi Gallery, a gallery with a prestigious reputation for antique and contemporary carpets.

The Gallery follows the family business that goes back more than a century. For this reason, great attention is also dedicated to the conservation and restoration of antique carpets and fabrics which is carried out in the showroom itself.

The Ateliers that have participated with their precious material, direct, coordinated and curated by Angela Florio are Alberto Levi, Ambrogio Carati, Beatrice Corradi dell'Acqua, Benbar Atelier, Davide Gatto, DecorAtion by Angela Florio, Gioielleria Merzaghi 1870, Gioielli Unici, Guido De Zan studio Ceramica, L'Atelier di Maria, Laboratorio Restauro Laura Menegotto, Conti Borbone bookbindery, Maura Coscia, Monica Gorini, Omnia, Restoration since 1983 Luigi Parma.

Art is design ManifatturalMente atAlberto Levi Gallery from 29 September to 8 October.

Via San Maurilio 24 Milan



Via San Maurilio, 24

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