events 5VIE Design Week 2022 live
09.06.2022 - 16:00


Design in Transition: towards a community-based future


SIAM 1838

Via Santa Marta, 18

Thursday, June 9, at 4 p.m., at the SIAM library, meeting with Architect Arturo Vittori (Warka Village), Dr. Sebastiano Deva (Allegory G_B) and Professor Davide Biolghini (Binari, metropolitan kaleidoscopes) who will illustrate their three innovative projects linked by their experimental approach to the construction of new social models through the tools of design.

The visionary approach of architect Arturo Vittori who, after years of experience within international firms (including Calatrava, Jean Nouvel, Anish Kapoor), has dedicated himself to the realization of the utopian project of a totally autonomous village in Cameroon;

Sebastiano Deva's digital and intellectual approach, which aims to create a new level of interconnection between humanity and digitization, between values and innovations, between ethics and "good governance"-to imagine the foundations of a new interconnected and independent Community;

The urban approach that finds its realization through the social design of Davide Biolghini, and all the other realities that collaborate with it, to connect the suburbs and the most peripheral communities of the city.

Arturo Vittori: Warka Village
Warka Village is an experimental project started in Cameroon, with aspirations to become a best practice in the global human development landscape. The settlement leverages low-cost, sustainable, community-driven yet high-impact interventions tailored to the specific needs of the village.
This addresses the villagers' needs for essential services that have a decisive impact on the villagers' standard and quality of life: rural infrastructure, agriculture, health, water and sanitation, while respecting local cultural specificities.

Sebastiano Deva: Allegory G_B
an experimentation at the highest level of digital languages: during Design Week an exclusive experience of visiting the fresco Allegory of Good and Bad Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti will be simulated through 3D viewers.
Biometric data related to the art-viewing experience will be processed in real time by artificial intelligence, which will transform it into an instantaneous, totalizing musical experience. The result will be contained in blockchain-identified artwork referable only and only to that biometric identity, in an exclusive emotional synthesis process, from which a collection of NFTs will be derived.

CT Forum: Binaries, Metropolitan Kaleidoscopes.
The project aims to reconnect Milan to its countryside, particularly to the Southern Agricultural Park, by fostering processes of sustainable conversion of its crops, so that they can nourish it differently and protect the environment and biodiversitỳ of the metropolitan territory.
The vision is to build in each Municipality Sustainable Food Communities that, through mutualistic relationships among all Interested Actors, can guarantee the right to quality, eco-friendly food to all inhabitants and thus also to the most fragile social sectors.

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