04.07.2023 - 30.09.2023

MY CITY: Visual Chronicles of Bogotá

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Barnadesia di Migc

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“In the end, creativity is a reflection of the self, an egocentric endeavor. It is how we transform personal experiences into material productions. It is how we capture, interpret, and inadvertently make visible our most sincere selves. This time, I illustrated my city as a way to crystallize my childhood memories and delve deeper into my identity”

Barnadesia di Migc

Barnadesia di Migc (María Inés Gómez Carrillo)’s latest body of work, “My city: Visual chronicles of Bogotá”, is the result of a self-exploratory research. In the past year, the artist went back to her native city to immerse herself in a vast collection of images and forgotten sensorial experiences. She rediscovered the idiosyncrasy of the city, its architecture, and urban landscape… However, ultimately, this quest was a confrontation with the spaces that greatly defined her identity.

She reconnected with her memories, with the city’s history, with the popular culture, and the shared experience of those who were also born there. She invites us into this personal exploration, encapsulated in a collection of monochromatic illustrations, compiled to be discovered from July 2023.

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Barnadesia di Migc’s studio is located in the historical heart of Milan, in the 5VIE Arts and Design District.