14.09.2023 - 30.09.2023

Horizons - Vittoria Palazzolo

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MA-EC Gallery

Palazzo Durini, Via Santa Maria Valle, 2

From 14 to 30 September 2023, MA-EC Gallery in Milan will host Vittoria Palazzolo's solo exhibition Horizons, curated by art historian and critic Daniela Pronestì. This will be the second stage of an exhibition tour that began last May at the City Gallery in Vienna. The exhibition cycle presents a new body of works focusing on the symbolic aspects and meanings of the concept of horizon applied to Palazzolo's expressive research.

The curator Daniela Pronestì writes in the catalogue published by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori: "Vittoria Palazzolo's painting has always invited the gaze to make a leap beyond the visible, beyond the painted image itself, to live an experience in which 'seeing' becomes a magical act. It is a way of pushing beyond the veil that illusorily stands between the external world and the inner world."

That of the horizon, then, is not an entirely new presence in Palazzolo's work, in which the crossing of deep perceptive and emotional states is part of a process that involves first the artist and then also the observer. "This idea of a border to be crossed to access hidden truths beyond apparent reality," continues the curator, "becomes even more explicit in the project Horizons, in which the horizon is both the last frontier of the visible world and a threshold to the unknown. If, in the classical world, the horizon - from the Greek orizon "to delimit" - was a boundary that the gaze neither had to, nor could overlook, in order to see the world. In these works, however, the sense of the horizon lies precisely in the possibility of crossing it, going beyond that limit, understanding the latter both as a border element and as the means of a passage towards something new and unknown.

Instead of being an indication of an unbridgeable distance, of a goal too far to be reached, the horizon becomes a threshold to be crossed with an act of the heart, overcoming the limits in which life often gets stuck, going even beyond the barriers of logic".

The inauguration of the exhibition on Thursday 14 September at 6 pm will see the presence of the well-known singer-songwriter and writer Alberto Fortis, the curator Daniela Pronestì and Carlo Motta, head of Cairo Publishing Illustrated Books. During the opening night, the Harmony Dance performance by Giuseppe Tuccio will also take place in collaboration with Barbara Mandrini.