Chiesa di Santa Maria presso San Satiro


Via Torino, 17-19, 20123 Milano


The church of Santa Maria presso San Satiro was built from 1470 onwards under the direction of Bramante to house an image of the Madonna that was believed to be miraculous. It presents an extraordinary optical illusion effect inside. It was built between 1476 and 1482 on commission from Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza and designed by the young Donato Bramante. 
Despite having a small area at his disposal, he built a monumental building with a longitudinal body with three naves and a dome at the intersection of the aisles (an oft-used Bramante motif). In order to maintain the correct proportions between the different elements, the presbytery is lengthened deceptively with the use of a fake painted stucco choir: behind the altar, a perspective niche is created that pretends a deep apse.



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