Palazzo Durini

Cultura - Architettura

Via Santa Maria Valle, 2, 20123 Milano



Set in via Santa Maria Valle, this Medieval building is still the private residence of the Counts of Monza but it can be visited by artists and art amateurs. It is now the headquarter of Fondazione Alessandro Durini.

Palazzo has always been characterized by the presence of artists. Giuseppe Bossi lived there from 1809 to 1915. He was a famous painter and art theorist,  and he worked as secretary of the Brera Academy from 1801 to 1807. Also Canova stayed there as a host of Count Durini of Monza: during his stays in Milan, he set up his studio in the building.

Rooms at the ground floor feature important paintings and historic décor from the famous Durini collection, which are in a large part exhibited in Milan’s museums such as the Sforza Castle and the Gallery of Modern Art, thanks to a donation of Don Teobaldo of Monza given at the end of the 50s. The rooms surround a beautiful and harmonious courtyard, typical of the buildings of the 17th century in the Lombardy Region.