Ostello Bello

Ospitalità - Ostello

Via Medici, 4, 20123 Milano



Ostello Bello is a home for the most beautiful people in the world: travelers. But it is also a special place for all the Milanesi who come here at the happy hour to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ostello Bello srl was born in 2010, when Carlo, Pietro, Ceri and the rest of the members founded the company. They had one clear purpose: to show the people of Milan what hostels really look like. No one had any previous experience in the hospitality field, but each one of them had the passion and ideas to fuel the project. So after finding the perfect location, in via Medici 4, all of them contributed to the renovation work. Using colored chalks, love and fantasy they built the foundation of Ostello Bello, which opened to the public in August 13th, 2011.

Travelers and locals soon fell in love with the project and after a while national and international awards started to flood in. In fact, every year since 2012, Ostello Bello in Via Medici has been awarded as the best hostel in Italy by Hostelworld. Positive feedback and the desire to broaden the offer stimulated Ostello Bello to find new partners and expand to a new country: Myanmar. By late 2014 Ostello Bello Bagan was born.

Few months later, Ostello Bello doubled its presence in Milan with Ostello Bello Grande. In the meantime, two hostels followed in Mandalay and Inle Lake, Myanmar. In April 2017 Ostello Bello Lake Como opened its doors and in December of the same year the second Ostello Bello Bagan did the same.
With a strategic business plan worthy of a market leader and the excitement of a young backpacker, Ostello Bello awaits you in via Medici 4. Always ready to toast to the beauty of sharing and the diversity of cultures!



hostel: monday - sunday 24/7 / bar: monday - sunday 08.00 - 01.00

+39 02 36582720