Monica Gorini

servizi e studi professionali - Arte

Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, 16, 20123 Milano



Monica Gorini lives and works between Milan and Lago d'Orta. She has always combined her artistic activity with collaborations with the Bicocca University of Milan and the Brera Academy.

In 2006 she meets Gioia Aloisi, an artist trained with prominent people in the art scene such as Bruno Munari, Cruz Diez, Fausta Squatriti and Luigi Veronesi. They will manage together Edu-art, a cultural association founded with the purpose of spreading art and culture, until 2017.

In 2007- 2009 she exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, 2007-2009, two sculptures as part of an audience of artist-researchers gathered in the conference entitled Multi-modal approaches to learning, creativity and communication.

Monica Gorini's artistic research, which draws on her yearly experience with blind people, is based on the contamination between different languages with a marked propensity for experimentation. Her works, in fact, are characterized by a constant reference to the multi-sensory and are accompanied by poetic texts that the artist composes herself.

Self-taught photographer, she often combines references and personal materials from her own poetic and dreamlike world with scientific and philosophical theories, bringing them together in a single form of narrative. Sensitively connected to the world of nature and rights, she is in search of an aesthetic that stimulates current and intimate reflections, aimed at the development of a social consciousness and a new spiritual ecology of the world.

Ca' Foscari University in Venice, U.I.C Unione Italiana Ciechi and Istituto dei Ciechi in Milan, Triennale Design Museum, Art Beyond Sight in New York and not least the City of Milan are some of the institutions with which she has collaborated.



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