Atelier Madina Visconti

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Via Santa Marta, 13, 20123 Milano



Reinterpretation of classic jewelry, unique pieces designed from organic and abstract shapes reflecting the essence of nature, handcrafted using lost-wax casting. Characterized by a romantic aesthetic from the harmonious lines of natural bronze, silver and gold sculpted with creativity and color.

Madina Visconti grew up in the medieval Cinque Vie district in the heart of Milan, where she developed her creative technique.

For centuries, goldsmiths, silversmiths and makers have worked in this neighborhood where the streets are named after them. Motivating the decision to keep the production process rooted in this territory is Madina's passion to continue its renowned tradition of craftsmanship.

From design to production and retail, Madina's Atelier has become a crossroads of the Five Ways, fusing the savoir-fare culture into her artisanal brand.

Madina Visconti - High Jewelry Atelier from Digital OM Visconti on Vimeo.



Monday - Friday 9.30–13.30, 14.30–18.30

+39 02 8419 0134