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via Santa Sofia, 33, 20122 Milano



Between the Twigs

In a hidden courtyard of a 17th century palace on the Cerchia dei Navigli, in Milan city centre, Between the Twigs founds its perfect spot to showcase its creations. The small space, in its simplicity, evokes a decadent yet elegant mood where Between the Twigs welcomes its visitors to appreciate its precious creations. Between the Twigs is not just a showroom, it is a full immersion in the philosophy of its creator. The customers can touch, feel and try on the jewels and the precious stones, not only a jewel but a contemporary amulet to be worn every day.

Silvia Bianchi

Silvia founded the brand in 2015, after a rather tortuous path, working in various sectors, before being able to realize a passion developed since she was a child, raised in a family of craftsmen and thanks to the goldsmith uncle. She learns at Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana the goldsmith techniques, and she immediately starts creating precious objects representing the passions that animate her creativity. Passion for Nature expressed in gardening, travel and scuba diving and the love for the creatures living above and below the oceans. In 2011 she founded Thaleia a goldsmith lab with two classmates from the Goldsmith School. After an exciting experience in jewels creation, production and sale, she decided, in 2015, to found Between the Twigs, the sequel to Thaleia, from the Greek thallein, to sprout, the branches grew from the sprouts, and she found herself between the Twigs. In 2017 she attended the Higher Education Course in Jewelry Design at Poli.Design, Milan. In the meantime, she sells her creations in some shops in Milan, both jewels shops and fashion concept stores. Nel 2021 with the opening of the show room in Milano, via Santa Sofia 33 she realizes her dream.



On appointment: /+39 334 7115959

+39 334 7115959