Podbielski Contemporary

Gallerie - Fotografia

Via Vincenzo Monti, 12, 20123 Milano



Pierre Andre Podbielski established Podbielski Contemporary in January 2011 in the heart of Berlin, Mitte. The emphasis of the gallery's program is to represent a wide range of artists, who address the geopolitics of the Balkans, the Middle East, Italy, Germany and eventually new territories in a transcultural perspective. 

Podbielski Contemporary has now moved back to Milan, it’s hometown, to new premises located in the elegant centro storico and opened to the public end of May 2018. The gallery aims to merge art dealing activities with academic research, presenting special events such as artists talks, performances, conferences and screening evenings, to become not only a lively space for art lovers and art collectors, but also a cultural destination for young scholars and for the Milan art community in general.

From its opening show Moving Worlds to the closing showing Bye Bye Berlin February 2018, the gallery has featured five shows a year and participated in numerous international fairs (such as MIA Image Fair Milan 2011-2018, London Art 2013-2014, Artissima 2013-2018, MIA Singapore 2014, Art Paris 2015, Context Art Miami 2015, Photo London 2017-2018, Unseen 2018 and Arte Fiera 2019).



tuesday - friday 14.30 - 19.00

+39 0236747219