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Via Santa Marta, 8/10, 20123 Milano


Orienthera, is an escape to Asia, a dip in the colors of the Orient, a hug into the softness of the Indian pashminas, into the quality of the best oriental silks, a moment of inspiration in the strength of products that never get tired and enclosing the value of eternity. Textiles, furniture, jewelry and objects make this small shop in the center of Milan, a great trip where already all the best was chosen with passion and dedication, and brought it back. 
The colors of the Orient are mixed up into the energy of precious stones, originality and elegance of ever new design objects, which give character to any type of interior. Fantasy, dreams, leaks and bursts, from Orienthera we start towards new horizons to escape the cyclical rhythm of a hectic western city.



tuesday - saturday 10.00 - 14.00, 15.00 - 19.00

+39 02 89013087