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06.06.2022 - 12.06.2022

Allegory G_B

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SIAM 1838

Via Santa Marta, 18

Allegory G_B is a collection of digital artworks (NFT), derived from biometric fingerprints measured by an Artificial Intelligence process. The generative innovation is based first and foremost on the physical and mental experience of the user, immersed in the artistic vision. It is an Artificial Intelligence system applied to a person's biometric data, strings of numbers brought back from the physiological data mark NFT inspired by Ambrogio Lorenzetti's 'Allegory of Good and Bad Government', a founding masterpiece of western visual civilisation.
The occasion is provided by the current stage of restoration in which the fresco is currently in. The construction site erected for the restoration and conservation work allows the visit in a 1a1 proximity situation. Lorenzetti erects here a monument to the future of pictorial language, so revolutionary in meaning and composition that it will determine the epistemological standards of the entire visual experience for centuries to come.
This assumption, which also intertwines themes relating to Cultural Heritage and the Intangible Heritage of Art, becomes the basis for experimentation at the highest level of digital languages: the art lover will be invited to an exclusive experience of visiting the fresco. During this visual experience on the restoration site, in close contact with the painted characters and landscapes, he will be questioned by an artificial intelligence that will bring out his Cognitive Unconscious trait, which will be transformed into an instantaneous, totalising musical aesthetic experience, and will be contained in an artwork identified in blockchain and referable only to that biometric identity, in an exclusive process of emotional synthesis, from which the collectible digital pieces will derive.
This opens up a scenario of deepening and experimentation in the debate around this digital art form, the NFT, which in this case, as layered aesthetic experience, will not only be qualified by a graphic design, but co-generated by the emotional interiority of the art lover and inspired by a masterpiece of the past.