17.04.2023 - 23.04.2023

5VIE Design Week 2023

Design for Good

This year's exhibitions and installations produced by 5VIE address themes such as spirituality, the connection with nature, the relationship with one's historical roots, the drama of incommunicability and the notion of connection. Faced with the complexities of the present and the challenges of the future, the intention of 5VIE is to emphasise how the strength of design lies in the poetic connection between the aesthetic dimension - in what is beautiful - with that of ethics - in what is good. Through aisthesis then, feeling with the senses and with the heart, design becomes a language capable of connecting human beings beyond all borders and diversity and it turns into a tool for constructing values.
With this title, we want to draw attention to the need to rediscover a fundamentally human dimension, which contrasts disengagement with total commitment, total dedication to the other, restoring relationships and rediscovering the natural exchange between human beings.

5VIE Day: 19 April

General opening hours:
from 10:30 to 19:30 - from 17 to 23 april

5VIE Headquarters / info point:
Via Cesare Correnti, 14 / SIAM Via Santa Marta, 18
20123 Milano

How to get here:
The 5VIE district can be reached by metro, at the Cordusio e Duomo stops with the M1 line, Sant’Ambrogio stop with M2 line, and Duomo e Missori with the M3 line.
tram that serve the district are the number 2, 3 e 14, passing by via Torino;
the 12, 16 and 27 that pass through via Orefici;
the 19 that passes by Corso Magenta.


5VIE Digital District

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The event is being held in a hybrid way, physical as well as digital.
To find out about the district and ongoing live projects, you can visit the Territory page:
browse the interactive map and discover the list of exhibitors by filtering by type and theme.

We are waiting for you in 5VIE, in the historic center of Milan. You can reach us with the MM2 (stop
Sant'Ambrogio / Cordusio), by MM1 (Cordusio stop), or by tram 2, 3 and 14.

Thanks to the digital world, we are able to expand our community of participants, opening the
event also to exhibitors who do not have the opportunity to physically present themselves in the

You can find all digital exhibitors in the Digital Exhibitors area: a virtual exhibition space
where you can filter and search for exhibitions, discover project details and get in touch with the
companies, designers and institutions.

Check out the Live Area: a digital space of three rooms with three different modes
of interaction. In the Auditorium presentations, talks and public events are organised;

in the Lounge, informal encounters, aperitifs and social events are held, to interact directly with participants and relax between visits;

the Business area is a private area accessible to companies and professionals. Mail us to organize your
digital corporate meeting!

And to make sure you don't miss a single event, the handy Agenda on every page reminds you of the
upcoming appointments.

Save the most interesting ones as favorites with the heart icon, and keep them in your personal profile:
you can then find them again whenever you want, even after the end date of the event, and access the
recording of the live broadcasts.

It's easy: log in to your personal profile and complete your business card to unlock the
professional functions.

With your business card, you can interact with other visitors, ask for their contact information, and start
personal conversations

Download our press release here, or write to us for more information about our exhibitors and initiatives!

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