Via Meravigli, 3, 20123 Milano


This shopping arcade is set in Milan and it connects via Meravigli and via Gaetano Nergri, just a few steps from central Cordusio Square and Piazza Affari.

It was built by the “Milano Centrale” society between 1928 and 1930, when Borsa Valori was moved to Palazzo Mezzanotte in Piazza Affari.

The Gallery presents a single 60 meters long arcade with a central 10 meters hall and two identical vestibules with four Ionic columns. The hall is entirely covered by a wide vault made of frosted glass and wrought iron, with a maximum height of 9 meters. The pavement shows mosaics with floral design, typical of Milan’s Liberty style, made by Fantini Mosaici.

The building is characterized by a Parisian grace- architectural style that differed from other Milan’s buildings typical of the 20th century styles, e.g. the neighboring Palazzo Mezzanotte. The big glass and iron vault was typical of the universal exhibitions of the time, i.e. those in Paris and London.