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CapoVolta is a ‘place’ where stories of life, families, people, houses and memories are told and interwoven among each other, becoming pages of biographies and autobiographies. We provide customised, formatted and tailor-made books.

If you have a story to tell, memories and photographic material that you would like to organise and put together, important moments to bring back to life in an interesting and perhaps publishable book, here we are. As experts in publishing, we work with text and images. With our expertise, we will help you find the right keys and the best tune to write your autobiography or story.

Why should we write an autobiography or a family story?

Autobiographies and family stories are traces left behind in time. Each of us is a viewer and actor of an era. Writing down what we have seen and experienced gives those who read or will read it access to direct historical evidence.

Writing an autobiography can help you re-read with different eyes what you carry in your heart. Biographies and autobiographies are a way of connecting distant points in time with a line, but also sometimes a way of turning the page.

Why should the story of your life be of interest to others?

You will only know by writing it down. In choosing the moments, words and images that make up the initial structure of your autobiography, you will realise what makes your journey interesting and perhaps shareable with others.

Similarly, a company biography is a testimony that recounts the people and the context from which an idea, a company, whether small or large, were born; it narrates the successes and efforts that made it possible and strengthens the link with the territory, sharing local history.

Writing helps to be an actor in one’s own story.

Ludovica Cattaneo – CapoVolta. I’m a graphic designer, with a photoediting background. I designed catalogues, books and communication’s materials for cultural events, galleries, no profit organizations and small publishing houses. Always “milanese”, I love the rythm of Africa and the path of Yoga. Working with stories of the past give me back an archive of the present.

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